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Koolatron Compact Kooler

September 14, 2013

Koolatron Compact Kooler
Koolatron Compact Kooler Detail

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Koolatron Compact Kooler Description

Coolers are usually large and unwieldy, which is why Koolatron developed the Compact Kooler, specially designed to fit in the snug spaces behind the seats of many cars, trucks, and vans. Like many of Koolatron’s coolers, this unit features a 12-volt cooling system that plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter. The cooler’s motor blows cold air over your food and beverages, keeping them 40 degrees F cooler than the outside temperature. The cooler also doubles as a warmer, if you’d rather keep…

Tall, slim, sleek design

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Koolatron Compact Kooler

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