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Car Stereo Installation

September 29, 2013

Car Stereo Installation
Car Stereo Installation Detail

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Car Stereo Installation Description

InstallerNet is a technology and services company that was established in 1989. Since introducing the InstallCard in 2004, InstallerNet have managed hundreds of thousands of installations all across the country. InstallerNet uses a network of more than 3,000 certified installation businesses to provide professional installation services for all types of consumer electronics, both in-vehicle and in-home. All of InstallerNet’s installers are experts in their field and are the best installe…

Let InstallerNet help you get all the performance you paid for. This InstallCard covers the basic installation labor for a professional Mobile Electronics installer to install an aftermarket car stereo in dash. The new stereo will be wired with a vehicle specific radio harness, antenna cable and mounted with an after factory installation kit. The basic installation labor will not cover additional wiring to bypass a factory amplifier, steering wheel control or Onstar type module. This Ins…

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Car Stereo Installation

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